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Veronica Lazar is an international casting director, based in England, but also a film & theatre producer, as well as a trained theatre director with more then ten years experience in the entertainment industry and a sharp eye for show business. Therefore, your challenges, unusual requests and urgent casting needs can find an easy understanding from more perspectives.


  • feature films
  • documentary films
  • short films
  • theatre productions
  • voiceover projects 

Veronica Lazar is part of major casting platforms worldwide and can provide casting services cross-countries. Casting sessions usually take place at major London casting studios, but can include other locations worldwide, as well as embracing the new American trend of online casting.

If you have a brilliant script and aim not to be a passer-by in this industry, just drop us a line here.

We'll be happy to dicuss your casting requirements and YES, we are open to low-budget independent movies!!!

No project is too small and we'd love to help!